My 2017 list of movie embarrassments

I didn’t watch a lot of movies in 2017, but I tried and I was disappointed in some scenarios like really disappointed and you guys were too according to the reviews. This is not to say that my 2017 list of embarrassing movies is the same as yours or neither am I trying to behave wicked but we have to do what we have to do.

So with the introduction done, let’s begin with probably the most popular ones to the least popular and maybe add someone’s list to mine.

The Mummy

This movie was a total waste of my time and could vividly remember when Tom Cruise was publicly hyping the movie on a talk show before it came out and I was like “Tom one of my favorite Actors so I must watch it,” here I am complaining about how bad my idea was.

I don’t know if they got an ROI or not, but I know am not the only one hating on the movie with such low reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB respectively.


Power Rangers

I must confess before I start that I didn’t watch the movie at all just the video above, but I just hated it immediately I heard it was released and iI was like “What is going on?” what is the initiative of the movie in the sense that in this day and age people will still want to transfer from one form to another and from one world to another like the Mortal Kombat. A game would have been the best representation of this idea.

I never liked the movie and till now, I will stay on the other side of the fence.

Cult Of Chucky

I did watch this and I didn’t get a value for my time.It is still the same Chucky movie style and it was okay but after watching it, I still didn’t fall for it enough. I would have preferred The Conjuring anytime any day.

Maybe they should have done something better, but at least it is still better than the ones above.


Ghost In The Shell🤣

This movie is too horrible for me to bear. I like her (You know who?), but meh… What is going on with her in this movie? The start was like okay until she started acting the SuperMan. They probably should have written the story well and taken real reality into consideration and this doesn’t have to do with the robotics but just the way it was implemented.

Her Avengers character is even better in this context if they were to lie it was a robot and stop pushing CGI and poorly written storylines into our faces.



MMy list is biased and very much not complete so we would like to rub minds together. Wait! I wanted to include the SpiderMan franchise or whatever word is most suitable but lemme just keep my cool.

My 2017 list of movie embarrassments