Eminem And Ed Sheeran ‘River’ Video Teaser

It is time for some more fun according to Eminem.

On Monday (February 12), Em shared the first look at his new video for the Ed Sheeran-featuring Revival cut, “River.” The song’s lyrics deal with abortion, infidelity, and dysfunctional relationships — not exactly your lightest topics — and it looks like the video’s going to adopt a fittingly dramatic tone. In the 30-second clip, we see documentary-style footage of a woman screaming at Em. The stone-faced rapper later shows off his acting chops by dodging an interviewer who asks him, “What does love mean to you?”

“My personal life is not exactly a highlight reel,” Slim answers. The newly engaged Sheeran adds, “If you don’t have the trust element, you’re fucked.”

Catch the full video for “River” when it (very un-ironically) arrives on Valentine’s Day.

Credit: Eminem And Ed Sheeran ‘River’ Video Teaser

Eminem And Ed Sheeran ‘River’ Video Teaser