Lana Del Rey Emotional Response to Kidnap Plot

On February 2, Lana Del Rey, with help from the Orlando Police Department, avoided a potential kidnapping attempt after a man was accused of posting “cryptic, threatening” Facebook statuses against the singer.

This week (February 5), Lana bravely took the stage in Atlanta, Georgia to discuss the frightening moment with her fans.

“I’m actually feeling a little more emotional than I thought,” said Lana a fan-captured video. “After what happened in Orlando, I just really wanted to be here with you guys tonight. I was feeling totally fine, and then I just got, I don’t know, a little bit nervous when I got onstage. I just want to say that I am super happy to be with you guys. If I’m a little bit feathery, just bear with me, OK?”

Lana’s fans applauded the singer for her strength and willingness to be so open and vulnerable as she spoke onstage. While the would-be abductor never made it into the venue, police say he was carrying a 3-inch folding knife, which makes the incident even more alarming. According to the Orlando Sentinel, one of his posts read, “I want to see my queen on Friday and from that day forward our decisions will be as one.”

Thankfully, Lana is safe, and on an Atlanta night, the world learned that the Lust for Life singer has some of the best fans imaginable.

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Credit: Lana Del Rey Emotional Response to Kidnap Plot

Lana Del Rey Emotional Response to Kidnap Plot