Where do this Stars keep their Grammy?

Some singers are honored at the Grammy and will still be, but we all have some questions running on our head which is “Where are all these hard-earned assets kept.” You can say in a safe somewhere, in a bank but I hope you are not thinking about saying “under the bed.”

Billboard made this possible by asking the question from some of the celebrities and this is some of the replies.


Grace Weber: “At my parent’s house… because I knew how much it would mean to them to open the package and see the Grammy certificate with my name on it.”

Zedd: “I keep my Grammy at my house in L.A. It is mixed in with a bunch of art and personal pieces that mean something to me. It is fairly subtly placed and not immediately visible.”

Jack Patterson, Clean Bandit: “Luke and I keep our Grammys in a specially constructed shrine to us in our parents’ bathroom.”

The Black Keys:
Dan Auerbach “I keep mine in my studio. My butler rubs them with baby oil once a month to keep them looking right.”
Patrick Carney “I keep mine at Al’s of Ohio pawn shop.”

Drew Taggart, The Chainsmokers: “I keep my Grammy on a shelf filled with a bunch of things that are important to me. It gives the award the respect it deserves but is also a reminder that it is only one of many things I am thankful for.”

Kevin Olusola “I keep them on a mantel in front of my Steinway. Something about the musical synergy of those two pieces across from each other makes me very happy.”
Kirstin Maldonado “I keep them on the dresser in my room because they inspire me as I wake and function in everyday life more than I want to keep them somewhere in the open I don’t engage in as often.”
Mitch Grassi “They reside on my mantle, where I can always admire them and be reminded of the hard work and good memories I associate with my music career.”
Scott Hoying “I keep my Grammys on my mantle, so every single time I walk into my house, I see them. I do that so I am constantly reminded that I’ve worked so incredibly hard and should be proud. They also inspire me to keep working hard!

Daya: “My parents took it back to my old house in Pittsburgh because they thought I’d lose or break it somehow. They’re probably right… but it still hurts.”


The most common word here is still Parent and it shows how FAMILY is important.

Where do this Stars keep their Grammy?