Learning is fun and easy when one has the right tools: an open mind to unlearn, learn and relearn; engaging all the senses; a quiet mind; a good grasp of reality; an active and productive thought process; ability to discern facts from fiction; then lessons can commence anytime and anywhere with no restrictions.

Nature is a gold mine yet to be efficiently explored and utilized, its teaching scheme is divided into modules which could be complex or subtle. Acquiring and developing observational skills helps us detect when learning is in session, lest we overlook the obvious. Jade’s experience put things in perspective of lesson(s) to be learned.

Jade and her friend Sam were on the front porch of Jade’s family house, commenting on how beautiful the weather was for a stroll while sipping lemonade juice. Just then, the movement of a hen and her chicks across the street caught Jade’s attention. She notices the awkward movement the hen made while she walked. The hen’s feet were bounded by some sort of synthetic rope wrapped severally around her feet with a single strand across both feet. With this restriction, the hen was having a hard time feeding and protecting her chicks. Though restricted, the hen was doing a good multitasking job of:

  1. Unearthing food for her chicks
  2. Trying to free herself
  3. Leading her chicks to safety

Her frustration is obvious as she tries to achieve these tasks almost simultaneously.

Jade was relating the scenario with the responsibilities of human’s as par parenting, she was seeing life through a different lens and perspective from her observations. She now had a first-hand experience of what parents go through to protect and provide for their families even when backed to the wall and all odds stacked to their disadvantage. She could better understand the frustration parents feel when they do not meet up to expectation or responsibilities.

‘What do you think will be the outcome if a hulk were to try picking¬† up one of the chicks?’, Sam asked.

‘Notwithstanding the restrictions, mother hen will fight tooth and nail to save her chicks’, Jade replied.

‘At last!¬† The reward for consistency is freedom’, Jade screamed when the hen was finally able to cut through the rope.

‘My goodness! All this excitement for a hen who had cut herself loose?’, Sam retorted with a surprised look and a bit of sarcasm.

Jade couldn’t help but smile, though she and her friend were at some point observing the same scenario, it was obvious that her interest was deeper. Suffice it to say, the whole point was lost to her co-observer.