Our eyes threw kisses when they meet, one look and I could tell you have been sun-kissed to a natural tan.

Our hearts speaking in languages words cannot express.

Our bodies perfectly in tune with the rhythm of our desires…

It is February! A month where love is overly commercialized, but it doesn’t mean love is not beautiful. Vows will be renewed and new ones made, Cupid is in action.

Complimentary gifts on purchases of a stipulated amount, it is a complete package and everything sells. Whatever tickles our fancy, there is a broad spectrum to choose from-The psychology of sales.

From spa pampers to valentine hampers;

Scented candles and moonlit dinners;

Boat cruise and shopping spree;

Chocolate boxes and gift items;

Music concerts and stage productions;

Weekend getaways and campfire tales;

Opera and orchestra performances;

Special menus and discount packages;

Poetry and jazz clubs, etc.

Let your hips sway to the music from deep within, ignite the dying sparks. The clock is ticking and the idea is to be actively involved with everything that has to do with your loved one every day and not just a specific day. Be spontaneous, create memories and endeavor to speak the love language of your dear one.