The first thing people fail to do every day is taking more actions than talks. People talk more often than when they need to act to achieve progress and success. As the popular saying goes “Action speaks louder than voice” too much talk is not needed in almost all our daily activities, when we begin to embrace silence we become stronger and overcome challenges, with too much talk, when things don’t go well as planned, we begin to complain.

Let’s take examples of a popular actor and sport in reference to the popular saying “Action speaks louder than voice”.

First is the actor “James Bond”, in all of his movies, he hardly speaks and does more of action which improves his sharpness, accuracy, and success and at the end, he always wins.

Secondly, in sports like Boxing, the Boxer never talks but concentrates his mind on how to defeat his opponent.

Another thing people fail to do every day is looking out for people that need help. You can actually bypass a stranger carrying more than one load and you won’t notice because you never looked out to help him. It’s a very common thing nowadays and it’s sad because no helping hand is rendered anymore.

A lot has been lost because now it’s money here money there, what about loving here helping there, we really need to stop being modern slaves to all of this, set yourselves free, leave it!, Yh leave it or don’t let it get into your head that “it is your only purpose” that’s a lie, actually a big fat lie no wonder people pride themselves on some little achievements. You can’t beat the head and feel you’ve achieved everything, you are in fool’s paradise. A lot is wrong then and even worse now that we no longer even know our way out.

People fail to know themselves, knowing oneself goes beyond knowing what you can do but rather “what you shouldn’t do”. As human beings, we are always tempted to do wrong things like yelling out of anger or using abusive words, all those should be stopped. You should always recognize your own faults and when you see the faults of others still retain the respect you have for them, never you treat anyone cruelly, it’s a weakness and shows that you fall among the weak set of people.

Therefore endeavor to become better characterwise. Thank you.