Is FIFA right not to include English referees in Russia 2018?

The woes continue for English referees again as this weekend proves another blemish on their officiating.

Sunday produced an interesting fixture in the premier league with Liverpool to face Tottenham at home.

In the build-up to Sunday’s showdown, Jurgen Klopp had described encounters between Liverpool and Tottenham as having “nearly everything. It’s like when the two knights pull down their face armour and ride at each other in a joust. Go for it. I really like that. It’s an open fight.” which was exactly what we saw but was marred by poor officiating from Jonathan Moss

Liverpool endured a frustrating refereeing against Tottenham with two undeserved penalty calls. The first one being a clear offside while the second is nothing to write home about.

At the end, there was the sublime and the scandalous. Two scorchers, a full touchline run-and-leap celebration and two contentious penalty decisions, one of which was saved.

Arsene Wenger, Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp and so many coaches have complained about the officiating but they were rather admonished instead of looking into the matter intensely. Even with the help of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) there seems to be no improvement in the decision making of the referees where undeserved spot kicks and cards are awarded.

When FIFA released the list of referees for the 2018 FIFA world cup many raised eyebrows on the omission of English referees being the most watched league in the world but with their current woes I think FIFA made the right decision this time.

Is FIFA right not to include English referees in Russia 2018?