Real Madrid escaped the Lion’s den alive

This was not your regular contest, this was war and am writing to you now with the emphasis that this was war; World War III.

My article based on Barcelona’s disgrace yesterday was what I thought was going to happen as Madrid was playing quite alright to there standard but it was playing against top-eleven of all time.

Ronaldo had some nice chances (as usual), Bale played his own version of football (as usual) but Juventus had the accuracy and the pressure was on Madrid Thor’s hammer. As anticipated, Madrid went for Goal with there line-up but its defence was left wanting from the absence of Sergio (captain) and Vallejo wasn’t man enough for me that’s what I felt caused the pressure.

Zidane made the right choice by not starting Benzema and also made the right choice by substituting the young lads for an attack-minded game regardless of the pressure.

The penalty wasn’t a bad decision from the referee as it was clear what it was called and Buffon, on the other hand, as did the right thing by confronting the ref with anger as we all know that this could be his last Champions League appearance and he also knew Mr Ronaldo doesn’t have a problem converting from the spot to continue his amazing run of goals in all competition.

Hala Madrid for escaping Lion’s den alive as we never saw it coming,

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Real Madrid escaped the Lion’s den alive