Real Madrid held to a Draw by Atletico Madrid

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Barcelona’s win against Leganes a day before the Madrid Darby gave enough reason for the two sides to fight more for a win, but they just ended up stopping each other with a 1-1 draw.

Ronaldo was very close to scoring with the first chance of the match at the 11th minute as Madrid started the early pressing and continued for a while as Atletico just felt comfortable being pressured but the Atletico defense found set pieces challenging to defend. Costa actually got very close in the 30th minute but he wasn’t smart enough though.

Christiano Ronaldo finally broke the net against their Madrid rivals after lots crossbar with a sweet cross from Bale which was met with a perfect volley to the opposite falling direction of the keeper. Atletico was soon to equalize through with a slip-up goal at the back through a pressing attack from the away side.

The Game keeps Atletico further behind Barcelona while it pushes Madrid to 4th on the La Liga table which I know they will recover from before the end of the league.

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Real Madrid held to a Draw by Atletico Madrid