Roma destroyed Barcelona 3-0: Here is what happened

With an unbelievable turn of events, Roma shunned the unbeaten God’s “Barcelona” with a superb game that can never be classified as nothing less than superb.

The match started with an early from Dzeko with a cross from De Rossi at the 6′ minute. Barcelona was probably thinking about getting a goal because it would settle the match. Barcelona begun the pressing till the end of the halve and Roma got some yellow cards at the back because of that  but the second half seems to be a different story: Pique held back Dzeko in the 57′ right in the box and the referee was just right to award a penalty that De Rossi was super confident to bury.

After the second goal, even Messi and Suarez were willing to take a yellow card for the team with the aim of stopping the 3rd goal while still having to go forward looking for Barcelona’s away goal. Goal! Goal!! Goalllll! as Roma scored a wonderful goal to destroy Barcelona’s unbeaten run in all competitions and also send them parking from the Champions League. The Goal scorer was K. Manolas from a perfect corner.

How do the Barcelona fans feel at the moment? They should really blame their coach for underestimating league Leaders in their own right, Roma. He should have gone with an attach minded approach since there are away for goodness sake. Why did Semendo start and Dembele was on the bench the late of the night? He wasn’t still convinced that Roma was treating until it got too late.

You can only be unbeaten for a while and when you get beaten, you get beaten big-time.

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Roma destroyed Barcelona 3-0: Here is what happened