UCL and UEL 2017/2018 Semi Final Reaction and Prediction

UEFA draw, Madrid
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Some of them were saved while some just moonwalked through both legs but not for long as the European competition hot chair is still getting more toaster every stage.

UEFA Champions League (UCL)

Tough would definitely be an understatement as the quarter-final of the UCL proved to be a season of comebacks as teams like AS ROMA shunned Barcelona in the 2nd-leg face off at the Stadio Olimpico.

Real Madrid almost suffered the same fate as their league rivals Barcelona too. Juventus came out a strong opening to counter the Madrid giant 3-0 lecturing at the Santiago Bernabéu but it seems to not happen this season as they conceded a penalty late in the game (90+3) with an additional take-home red card for Buffon as his hope of winning  Champions League trophy might just be over.

UCL Prediction

Bayern will go head to head with Real Madrid, now the question certainly is who is going to be unfortunate out of the two of them? And I will say Real Marid will go through to the final with a 1-0 win at the Santiago and a 2-2 draw away.

Liverpool, on the other hand, would go head to head with Roma but their attack to me is not very experienced enough to break Roma’s defence. Roma is very good on the air with those crosses and until they know how to defend those crosses very well, the decisive game might go to a penalty which Roma will win.

UEFA Europa League (UEL)

The toughest match that I could rewatch in the entire quarterfinal matches would be Arsenals 2nd-leg match away to CSKA Moscow as every other match was boring to me.

Arsenal wasn’t really lucky because they played there way out of the match confidently as this season was a season of comebacks in all Europa competitions.

I really wished Atletico had lost their match against sporting but they didn’t and they will have to face Arsenal in the Semi-final of the UEL.

UEL Prediction

Straight away, am picking Atletico for a home and away win against Arsenal with a 1-2 away and another 2-1 home win respectively. This is not because I think Arsenal is not a good team at all and neither am I underestimating the teams quality, but they are not just good enough to threaten the Atletico defence.

Marseille will pound Salzburg certainly and I would like to be proven wrong. I just don’t have a figure on the head right now has it might be by a large margin or just little but I think Marseille will win one of those legs with a 2-0 victory 😁.

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UCL and UEL 2017/2018 Semi Final Reaction and Prediction