PSG is a fluke!!!

PSG never lived to the expectations they showed at the beginning of the season when they were unbeatable.

Beating Bayern Munich in the Champions League first leg made them a strong favorite for the prestigious trophy going to the next round. They were complacent in the second round though but since they have already qualified much concern was not shown.

Drawing them against Real Madrid in the round 16 proved to be the biggest test of the season for the Parisians but they showed they are not up their even with their money, PSG have been dominant in France even before the euphoria of Neymar, they failed to turn up in their biggest test of the season.

Psg is still not ripe for the Champions League, they are still underdog. A coach of Unai Emery’s status can’t get them the glory they want.

Not taking anything away from Real Madrid though it was a classic performance from the Bernabue boys, they showed they are the kinq of UCL and Ronaldo once aqain proved he his far from finished as people see it to be.

PSG is a fluke!!!