A summary of Apple’s September 2017 keynote

Apple does its Keynote every year for at least more than once, but the most anticipated Keynote is always the one in which we are going to see the newest and the greatest iPhone of the time.
This year was no difference because so much interesting and meaningful stuff was showcased by Apple and what am going to do is do a professional summary of everything as meaningful as possible.

The Apple Watch Series 3

With the help of the newest and better version of the Watch OS, the Apple Watch hopes to keep on retaining that position as the most used Watch in the world. The Series 3 has gone totally independent of your iPhone, not totally because you still have to pair the first time, but it uses its own LTE sim.
The LTE sim number has to be the same as the one in your iPhone, but it doesn’t need your iPhone to work and you can totally leave your iPhone behind to go to the beach, a walk and even attend training sessions and the Watch Series 3 will still do its job.
With the help of the Watch OS, the Apple Watch can now help you measure unhealthy heart rhythm, heartbeat spikes and much more. It even measures elevation now and would even give you a summary of your daily health when it notices that you are resting.
The engineering is done to still keep the Watch at the same size as its predecessor is interesting. Remember the LTE capability of the Apple Watch? It means that it uses a Sim card and according to Apple, a nano Sim card would be too big to fit into the Watch so an electronic sim is used instead, it literarily you just removing chip inside your sim is and putting it into the device. The only hurdle to overcome is how to get it to attach a particular network provider, it the case, the same operator as the one on your iPhone and that where a subscription fee will come in.
The other engineering problem was where to put the antenna band and the simple but no-doubts complicated way is to use a layer on top of the screen as the antenna lines, it’s complicated but it works.
Siri can now “talk” with the help of Apple’s W1 chip that is not new to the market anymore but it is still very much capable of the tasks of the Watch. You can now stream up to 40 million songs on the Series 3 thanks to its LTE capabilities.
The Apple Watch Series 3 with its LTE capabilities will first be available in few countries and selected carriers namely: US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, UK, and China this year. You should check the update frequently for when your country and its carriers will be supported.
The Watch Series 3 will be available starting on September 22 at $329 (GPS), $399 (GPS + CELLULAR) to up to $1299 for the Watch Edition Ceramic variant.

The Apple TV 4K with HDR

Next on the list is the Apple TV and it too has gotten better of course, with the help of the A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture. The Apple TV can now play amazing one hand games as demonstrated at the keynote but of course, what you are interested in is more about its 4K capability.
Previously on HD support, the Apple TV now supports 4K which is 4x the pixel quantity of HD, this means you can get better color representation, but that’s not all you need to get the accurate color. You need HDR(High Dynamic Range).
HDR makes sure the colors are represented properly and accurate. Not all videos will support 4K with HDR but there are available contents and the software just got smarter too. Now you can watch live sports matches and it keeps track of them and notifies you about any upcoming fixtures.
Apple now works with other video delivery networks like Netflix to bring their own 4K HDR contents down to the Apple TV. Also, any purchased contents that you have before on HD will automatically port to HDR.
The summary on the Apple TV doesn’t look too much, but it is a very good and advisable upgrade from what you had before and it will available from September 22.

Now, the iPhone 8 and 8 plus

Before I go deep, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus is not too much of an upgrade from the previous ones which are the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus respectively. But if you use Apple product, it’s not all that new again.
The 8’s now feature wireless charging and Apple had to wait this long to perfect not the wireless charging, but the glass back of the phone is kind of the flaws that most wireless devices have because of durability. Apple claims that the rear glass of the iPhone is the strongest there is at the moment with no competition at all.
Leaving the wireless charging capability behind, another big change is the camera and am talking about the plus model, the portraits mode now supports studios lighting which is an effect that mimics all the stress of going to the studio to shoot a picture. You can even change the studio lighting effect after you have captured the image just like the S8’s ability to (no studio lightening though).
The iPhone 8 and 8 plus is now capable of True Tone display on top of the Retina HD. If you don’t know True Tone, the True Tone is the ability for the iPhone’s color scheme to balance with the background just like the night mode but it will be updated.
My own biggest change is definitely the one that you might not observe, it the-the new processor. The A11 Bionic is a monster with more core than the A10 Fusion with up to 50% faster with the ability to switch through cores like the Snapdragon CPU for power efficiency and performance.
The iPhone 8 also has a new GPU with a three-core design and up to 30 percent more speed than the A10 Fusion. With the help of the faster GPU, the iPhone 8 series is able to keep other companies dumbfounded with the introduction the Augmented Reality.
At the moment Apple has the best representation of what an AR-capable device should look like without making the smartphone too big and unloving to look at with a demonstration that is top notch the through Directives Games.
As game companies take advantage of this technology, 2019 will be one of the best years for Apple. A year that will definitely see so many AR games coming in.
The iPhone 8 will be available on the 22nd of September with a new shinning gold color that I believe will definitely be a problem to find just like last years jet black.

The iPhone X

Now, this is the beast of mobile innovation yet judging by how long it took Apple to produce it and how well it works. Should in case you watched the keynote and you saw the flaw during the facial recognition by …., Apple boldly came out to say to you all that it’s because the iPhone X has been carried around by so many people that it registered their faces as wrong input, I believe that’s the cause.
The iPhone X has almost everything that the regular iPhone has. In case you forgot, those are wireless charging, the durable rear glass, AR, and a tweak of others. The camera changed position to being vertical unlike the horizontal position of the plus model of the 8, but it is almost the same camera specification as the plus with OIS for both camera. Camera quality, when compared to the 8 Plus, will be kind of the same for me, but we will see what’s up when the two devices are available.
The iPhone X has gone homeless, not on the street though, just that it lost iPhone home button which makes it all screen except for the cutout at the top. The Super Retina OLED HD display is a 5.8-inch 2436-by-1125-pixel resolution at 458 PPI. Apple’s best yet with the best color contrast, True Tone, wide angle and supports HDR.
The iPhone X also has the A11 Bionic chip that helps it with an additional feature, the FaceID. The TrueDepth camera apart from taking selfies will use dot mapping to get a 3D model of your face. Apple claims that chances of someone even bypassing it is 1 in a million which makes it even better than the TouchID and you can use it with Apple Pay. The change of your identical-identical you bypassing it is a mystery to me. Apple also says the FaceID learns has your age or physical changes and it will even recognize you through obstacle lug lass and I don’t know about masked yet.
Let’s imagine you are sleeping and your partner brings the phone to your face, according to Apple it won’t work because your eyes need to be open for the FaceID to work except to sleep with your eyes open anyway.
Another good implementation of the TrueDepth camera that I love is Apple’s Animoji is basically animated Emoji’s. In iMessage, the TrueDepth camera can scan your face for 50 different muscle movements to mirror your expressions with now 12 prepared Animoji’s. My vision in respect to this is that Apple adds more Animoji’s and make it open source so that companies WhatsApp, Instagram, snap chat, and others can take advantage of this and drain our battery life in return which Apple says is 2 hours more than the iPhone 7.
The front-facing camera also supports portrait mode with the help of the TrueDepth camera and also stage lighting.
The iPhone 10 is such a lack of innovation and goodness and at a starting price $999 and being an average size of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, it would be a device for you and even having two color which is Space Gray and Silver. But if you know that money will be a lot, you could consider long after that availability date of November 3 so that you can get a lot of customer feedback and know if it actually does what Apple says.

A summary of Apple’s September 2017 keynote