CRASH ANY iPhone Instantly with a link


There is another exploit in iOS 11 that you can use to crash anyone’s Apple device as long as it uses the latest iOS 11. The way these exploit works is through link preview that is available on most Messaging apps.

Your iPhone will not be able to show the preview-or rather get confused showing it and your phone just hangs there. The disclaimer is that you do try this at your own risk and your iPhone and the iPhone of the person you are sending it to will hang although yours will recover quite quickly, your victim’s phone will get stuck for a long time and will also overheat a lot before respringing.

You and your victim might also lose some iMessage messages which is bad but at your risk.

The process

  1. The process is just simple and you just have to send this link -> to the victims iMessage address and that will be all you need to do as long as he or she receives it.
  2. The recovering process is intended if you iMessage refuses to load again and what you have to do is head over to this link -> and follow the process there by just clicking on an image and your iMessage app will be opened up.
  3. The only way to block this, for now, is to block the individuals’ phone.

Thank Abraham Masri’ for discovering this. Follow him on Twitter.


CRASH ANY iPhone Instantly with a link