HUAWEI MateBook X Pro review

Huawei MateBooke X Pro

We kick this review off with the help of a video from Mr. Mobile also known as Micheal Fisher.
The Huawei MateBook X Pro is one of those products that want to sniff particularly some Apple MacBook Pro users or rather, those that can’t afford it at the moment.

The similarity in design is so good that it could be either annoying or satisfying and that’s where (design) the similarity conclude and every other thing is just unique.


This part of the laptop is very good and it all comes together nicely with rigidity leaving minimum body flex. The trackpad is huge just like the MacBook version because it too is focused towards creativity although it has some flex.
The Keyboard is Mr. Mobile really praised the keyboard in the sense that the key travel is very good and Huawei is still able to keep the laptop slim. Since the laptop is for the creators out there.

Additionally, the keyboard is splash proof for those small water drops and Huawei is making it obvious like my surface pro and the MacBook doesn’t do this already. Above the keyboard is the power button that also acts as the fingerprint scanner which breaks the design for me as it should rather have been housed at the top-right of the keyboard like the MacBook Pro.

Additionally, since there is no room for the camera to be due to Huawei aim at breaking records with the MateBook X Pro amazing 91% screen to body ratio, the reasoned creativity and used created a key at the top center between the F6 and F7 key which you could just click on and it pops up.

At just 1 megapixel, the implementation of the webcam is awful and at that position, you can’t have a close-up business meeting. Looking at there website tough, they kind of made it clear it is not for close up shots; those wide angle meetings that you capture group of persons rather than just you alone because at a longer distance, the awkward angle of the camera could be corrected and it has an amazing 4 microphones to prove my point: very good.

My question is why does the MateBook X Pro not have the number pad?


The display gives you the user enough room to use at 3:2 aspect ratio and with minimum bezel at a 91% screen to body ratio: they are trying to beat Apple in this instance and hunt down smartphones.

The display is also touched interactive at up to 10 fingers according to Huawei.

The screen is very bright at 450 nits although it is still not as color accurate as the Surface or MacBook Pro line up.


The processor that comes with the MateBook X Pro is either the i7 -8550U or the i5-8250U and an NVIDIA MX150 or just the integrated Graphics 620. RAM is at either 8 or 16GB while storage is either 256 or 512GB which is not “creative” but it’s fair enough. All this performance at a reasonable performance and weight of 1.33kg. The battery 57.6 What could easily delivery 8 hours of a pure workload according to Fisher using it at battery saver mode.

Switching to performance and firing up a game, the fans also switch with it at full rotor speed also they could easily be overwhelmed by the amazing speaker of the MateBook.

The charger that makes it happen is also very small just like a smartphone power brick putting out 65 Watt over USB type-C which charges very quickly and could also assist with your smartphone charging.

Going to ports, there are two USB type-C ports, on for charging and the other supports thunderbolt and an additional USB A port. Now, the annoying thing is that is doesn’t have a card slot of any sort, even if it is just micro-micro SD Card reader.


Should you buy this? You should if you crave for the MacBook Pro and can’t wrap your head around the sale price.
Lastly, according to Mr. Mobile, if you are not a government worker in the USA and you are not too particular about online privacy because it keeps diminishing and we can’t do anything to it, you could get the device.

via: MR. Mobile

source: Huawei

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HUAWEI MateBook X Pro review