John Legend’s “A Good Night” Was Shot Using the Google Pixel’s Camera

Credit: Android Authority

Shooting a professional video with a smartphone isn’t something you could call *easy* while it at the back of your mind that there are fewer tweaks you could do to your finished video after the shot; like color corrections and the likes, and when compared to other devices 📷 like the RED camera, it’s a no-no.

One thing you could do to save the quality of your creation (video) is preparing the Setting well enough before the shoot, and that’s what John Legend’s crew did with the Google Pixel 2 for John Legend’s recent music video titled “A Good Night” featuring BloodPop.
I took a little peek at the video to know whether they did a good job or no comparing it to Lil Dicky’s latest video titled Freaky Friday featuring Chris Brown. A lazy comparison of some sort.

Streaming 720p HD, I immediately noticed a big difference but I have to give credit to them because shooting in that kind of environment (club) is difficult for a smartphone and I know the director would have preferred better pieces of equipment but there is some backstory to that which I have no idea of.
This ain’t no spoiler and am sure you will find the music itself interesting.

via: Android Authority

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John Legend’s “A Good Night” Was Shot Using the Google Pixel’s Camera