Samsung patent’s notch concept similar to the iPhone X

Assuming you read my previous article about copycats in the tech industry, you will easily grasp every point I will be making in this article that covers Samsung’s latest patent as of the time of this post.

According to a post over at the Android Authority website, Samsung submitted a patent application to the patent office SIPO over at China about a notch on its upcoming smartphone that makes it look exactly like the iPhone X from Apple.

We have two images to criticize here:

android authority

I don’t believe the above image and you shouldn’t too. Samsung is not that of a copycat that they will 100% copy the iPhone X design… At least we can see how long it is taking them to remove the headphone jack even if Samsung knows that wireless technology is the future of Smartphone tech.

Moreover, they don’t need it currently because they have a better implementation of bezel-less the way I see it with the Samsung S9. The concept image if even missing the Bixby button that Samsung has spent millions of dollars on already and also the dual camera setup is disarranged in comparison to what they have now.

If Samsung want’s to at least what to copy the notch, it won’t be on there flagship devices like the futuristic S10 or Note 9 that is coming to shores later this year. Am not even sure this will happen because Apple also¬†submitted a patent for the on-screen fingerprint scanner for the iPhone 9 and it never happened #marketstrategy.

android authority

Now if we are talking about concepts, I really like this one as it showcases a real futuristic design; on-screen fingerprint scanner, no headphone jack, no antennal line, all grass, no notch and a 99% screen to body ratio but wait a minute, where is Bixby or her command button rather?

Now I understand, maybe Samsung I working on how to make Bixby buttonless thereby using voice commands directly with a very good noise cancellation setup I presume.

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Samsung patent’s notch concept similar to the iPhone X