Sonos hilariously trolls Apple on HomePod launch day

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I/We expected this and whenever Apple makes a big change other related companies will try to make a trolling move on them pointing out why it shouldn’t have happened and it happened to the HomePod too.

Sonos took to Twitter to welcome the HomePod and took a nice jab by including a Spotify playlist. The funny point is that the HomePod doesn’t fully support Spotify. It can play music through Spotify, but it can only be done manually through AirPlay. Apple Music, on the other hand, can be activated through Siri voice commands.

The playlist is a series of songs that spell out a message through the titles. Sonos doesn’t take a hostile tone with Apple, instead of making fun of it while declaring that they are still friends through the White Stripe’s “We’re Going to be Friends.” Here’s the complete message; it has been translated into something readable. The playlist features 21 songs from artists like Adele, Nirvana, Fety Wrap and the xx.

Hello Apple, something about us together feels right even though you’re crazy for this. HomePod, remember two is better than one, just playing. It’s a party, everybody is coming to my house, even you. Come as you are fruit machine, no matter what you’re told. We’re going to be friends over everything.

Points to Sonos for its witty troll job. It is quite amusing and telling. Moving forward, even though it has big competition with the HomePod, it’ll continue to integrate its products with Apple. That’s one of the ways it can differentiate itself from the HomePod: offer support for both Apple and other products. That’s none more evident than with the Spotify playlist, for which the HomePod doesn’t support.

Sonos hilariously trolls Apple on HomePod launch day