The Galaxy S9’s price has leaked

The Galaxy S9’s price image

Evan Blass posted a leaked price image of the Samsung Galaxy 9 series and my job to tell you whether it’s fair or not.

It’s a fair deal if you ask me. There are factors causing that kind of price and it is due to the price of the current iPhones 8,  Plus and X. I think Samsung is trying to find a sweet spot in between and moreover, the Samsung S9 series is also rumored to have to amazing and definitely expensive tech inside like the Focal length changing camera which is the first of it’s kind.

The Note is the current holder of the 1000 price mak and that also states that the Note 9 will even be more expensive and still won’t deter buyers.

The proposed prices of the S9 is 841 euros and the plus variant is 997 based on the fact that it will be the only variant out of the too the has dual cameras.

Samsung is announcing the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, pricing included, at Mobile World Congress on February 25.

The Galaxy S9’s price has leaked