Why there will always be Copycats in the Tech World

Huawei and iPhone

Am not sure there is a tech company in the world that could stand to it’s fit and say “we have never copied any companies innovation,” but of course, we are not focusing on every company, we are focusing on the obvious; the ones that are blatantly copying consecutively¬†with every product that they produce.
I am open to challenges from any reader that thinks am getting it all wrong as I am very sure about what am saying with experience with companies like this ūüÜô.

We will try to cover the major aspect of technology like software and hardware as possible where this event occur. One thing you should know is that this idea is much more common between small > big companies as that is the only instance that it is viable enough to copy because of the advantages as I explain below.

More revenue

If you copy a company like Apple smartphone’s or laptop design, you will definitely make extra money from that and here is why: Not everyone can afford an Apple product like the $1K iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (it happens in the Android world too) for instance, but he/she could definitely afford a phone or computer that looks very much like the Samsung’s and the Apple’s because it will be cheaper and suddenly looks more expensive to the eye of unnoticing individual which in turn also increases the social confidence of that particular individual.

Smaller companies know this psychological aspect of marketing as well and they tap into that market in there multitudes with nearly identical goals. In this category, we have projects like the Asus Zenfone 5, Huawei P20 (a big company for that matter) and the likes that seems to copy the criticised iPhone X design. They will also sell at a cheaper price as you already know.

Huawei and iPhone

Other manufacturers have even gone to the extreme of cloning iPhone and Samsung devices in other to lure the unknowing and cheaper individuals to getting those devices and you can even mistakingly get those devices for the price of the original if you are not careful enough.

Lack of Creativity

Some companies can’t afford to pay as much money in a long time like Apple and Samsung for creativity in their design section of the company, so what do you do for a cheaper production cost and what you know is working for a company better than yours? You steal someone else’s idea and act like it never happened… Apple, Samsung and even Microsoft will tell you that they spent years in testing and implementing a design or a concept that will be trending in just let me say 1 year of the product’s entire life circle before they have to implement another one just like we see in the game industries where numerous number of years is spent working on a single game.

How many of the smartphone or laptop manufacturers out there do you think can spend that much time and resources not like they are all poor, but they don’t want to use resources because the board will say “let’s copy to reduce cost.”

Can it be stopped?

Definitely, there is always patent filling to any unique design, but would you (Apple) waste your time trying to sue smaller companies when you know quite well that there is a level of marketing help that the company is doing for you and for how much would you even sue them for when you could just wait for companies like Samsung to miss-copy and sue for $1B+.

Even patent have limitations to what can be claimed as the similarity between the iPhone X notch and the Huawei P20 notch as the later¬†is quite smaller. But… Copycats are copycats and they know that too.

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Why there will always be Copycats in the Tech World